February 9, 2017 Tom Harshberger

Netflix and Craic

netflix craic

Who knew that you can learn so much about Ireland from Netflix? As we itinerate to become missionaries to Ireland, there are a lot of practical ways that we are preparing for our future ministry. We’re taking assessments, Skyping other missionaries, reading books, fundraising, etc. However, when we want to relax, we often throw on some Netflix.

As it turns out, Netflix has a lot of Ireland!  We want our friends and supporters to ‘join us’ on our missions journey as much as possible. Outside of actually going, Netflix is probably one of the most fun ways to do that. We’d love for our supporters to see a little into this amazing country’s culture.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure you’re going to learn anything deep and meaningful about Irish culture from watching these films, but they do take place in Ireland and I’m positive you will enjoy these movies!

So, without further ado, our official ‘Netflix and Craic’ list:

The Art of Conflict (2012)

art of conflict

If you want to learn about culture in Northern Ireland, this is a must-see. Out of all the titles on this list, The Art of Conflict is the only documentary.

The murals of Northern Ireland are an expression of the region’s culture and history. The film, narrated by Vince Vaughn, examines these murals through their painters and the people who live there, exploring this unique street art’s impact, purpose, and future.

Tales of Irish Castles (2015)


Tales of Irish Castles explores the fascinating legends and characters associated with Ireland’s historic castles. The series brings history to life through specially shot re-enactments, archival footage and contributions from Ireland’s leading historians, archaeologists, castle owners and current inhabitants.

Waking Ned Devine (1998)

Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine is a classic! This comedy revolves around a lottery ticket and two elderly men who are on a mission to retrieve it. The film takes place in a small Irish village of only 53 people.
(PG) Parents Review

Philomena (2013)


This is one of Tom’s mom’s favorite movies, if that tells you something! It’s based on a true story about a woman who tries to find the son she was forced to give up for adoption as a pregnant teenager in 1950s Ireland. Judi Dench earned her seventh Oscar nomination for acting and the film was also nominated for best picture.
(PG-13) Parents Review

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